Burden Divine

by Tanelorn

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Tanelorn is a melodic death metal band from Tbilisi, Georgia. Burden Divine was recorded in summer 2011 and released in may 2012.


released May 12, 2012



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Tanelorn Tbilisi, Georgia

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Track Name: Burden Divine
A dooming might of precious dream
Perdition follows by
The landscapes, lakes and woods unseen -
Crusader's grievous sigh

A holy burden marked by death
The cross - their only seal
An endless journey, bloody quest
For fucking (one man’s) fantasy

Veiled by religion
Bloodshed begins
Fighting for nothing
Dying for dreams...

A road leads through the richest lands
They steal in name of god
Impure blood on savior's hands
While true purpose is gold

With hungry souls and thirsty steel
Lead by deceit they march
With crucifixion as their shield
Against the muslim church

And there is no god to stop this
Why are they so blind to see?
This rotten gene of humanity
Facilitates their burden of sin

From ancient times grows the root of aggression
With every aeon raises its trunk
Black leaves of sin bring on earth the damnation
Its branches expand and darken the sun
Weak souls of mortals seek redemption in idols
That in fear their minds create
Illusive religions proclaiming the bliss and divinity
Justify the phenomenon of senseless fanaticism
And approaching the day of doom...

This senseless war brings constant grief
Endlessly flows the blood
The seeds of sorrow mortals reap
And laughs upon them god

Salvation dies in each of us
The slaughter can't be stopped
The lack of love, the lack of trust
And down the crosses drop...

Lost without meaning
Time passes by
Mankind is sleeping
In endless demise

Pure feelings fall
The breed of misanthropes is born...
Track Name: Endless Fall
Dawn of destruction
The mankind’s last ages
Spirit of chaos
Awaken and raging

Time – a sharp-edged blade
That cuts through wings of dream
Fear – an argument
In excuse for our sins

Blink of an eye... and gone
Life’s like an endless fall

On bones and blood
I‘ve built the temples of gold
A ruthless sacrifice
The sands of time
Run through my empty eyes
Approaching my demise

With autumn rain
My pain will be washed away
Reforged I’ll rise again
But new dawn’s light
Will bury the days gone by
Proclaiming my demise

Past – it won’t return
My sins can’t be undone
Pain, what’s done is done
But no, there’s no remorse

Blink of an eye... I’m gone
My life was an endless fall
Track Name: I Will Be There
I will always be there
Wherever you look
Wherever you go
Where your tears will fall...
Drops of falling rain
Rays of the sun
Will always caress you as I once did...
Wind will blow from the sea
Bringing the waves to your feet
As you walk down the shore just look up

Up to the sky...
I will be there...
Calling your name once again

Another tale of a promise broken
Another destiny chasing dream
Rotten faith - another token
Of how helpless we can be

For too long I've played with fire
For too long I've cheated death
How I fear this burning darkness
Who is it that holds my breath?

Lost my way, the pain is changing me
My love, my life, my aim
But I pray you'll hold my soul
Track Name: Tears Of Rage
The end of the war that’s taken many lives is near
Closer comes the time when nothing will be left to fear
Ages will go by but we will not forget our heroes
Who sacrificed their lives, furious and fearless

Tears of rage appear in your eyes
When you see your home in ruins lies
Tears of rage and your eyes so sad
When you find your family dead!

All the tears we've shed are not just tears of weeping
Spark of rage in us forever will be living
We will damn the enemies of fatherland
And will be started war - the war that never ends


Anger in me is growing stronger,
Aggression is pushing me ahead.
Tears in my eyes, vengeance controls me,
Forgotten all my fears now I am mad!

The fire in my eyes - the rage against my oldest foe
Desire to slay them and see how rotten bodies burn
I promise - I will fight until my promise is fulfilled
The blood of betrayers will stain the battlefield

New war will start and weeping cries ascend again
This war will wake in our hearts the hardest pain
They say: “Than war there are no bigger sins"
But tears of rage – will never let us live in peace!
Track Name: Cemetery Of Dreams
First beam of sun caresses the snow
Hope fills my heart, I am close to my home
So long I've wandered, so many I've killed
Oath to my Master now is fulfilled

Through dust of the ages, like a serpent, my path
Leads to the place I called home in my past
My heart is cold as the oceans afar
In search for repentance, my future is dark

Endless sorrow, constant pain, never-ending grief
This forsaken kingdom has buried all my dreams
Hoped to find deliverance in my childhood's place
Now I'm crashed by what I see, now I dream of death

I cry, I know the time won't come for me
I feel that everyone abandoned me
No hope - all human souls are dead here
I cry, I wish I could just close my eyes and die...

My heart is longing for deliverance
My soul by stigma of a slave is marked
Blind rage is growing stronger every day
Cold breath of life is striking me again

Empty souls and hollow shells, ruined lives and fates
What kept hope in frozen heart - now brings only pain
They are doomed, no one can change broken destiny
Now I see how paradise dies in agony

Abandoned by heaven, by devil betrayed,
On ruins of faith I am standing
Watching the soulless faces of men
I witness the life that is fading

I know, with regret I'll remember my past
For me life's eternal, for someone - too fast
Enriched by the power, but sick of this life
Immortal martyr - a victim of time...

I cry, I know the time won't come for me
I feel that everyone abandoned me
No hope - all human souls are dead here
I cry, I wish I could just close my eyes and die...
Track Name: Labyrinth
As time slowly slays our dreams and hopes
And all we have strugglin’ for
Dark thoughts possess the weakened minds
Sorrow engulfs our empty hearts

Is this the life we want?
Deserted, abandoned, destroyed
Who must we blame?
Only ourselves

All those forsaken dreams
And memories buried within
Burning our souls, fading away

Through labyrinth of life each one of us
Will find his path to death
Serve, obey, do what they say
Beg, cry, and pray for you life…

Depraved and deceived by his endless lies
We followed the blind into dark abyss
Drowning in void of our past
Void of our vanity and lust
Track Name: Fight The Oppression
Dark and dreamless eyes
Gloom and pain, demise
Wishes die and dreams are fading
Like a candle in the night
Winds of life blow wild
Clouds obscure the sky
Days become so grim and bleak
Dissolution’s glance absorbs the sunlight

The end seems close
But deep inside your heart
The hope still lives
So dry these bitter tears
And break the chains
Remove the veil that kept you blind
And see that something still awaits you to arise...

Bastards all around
Tryin' to put ya down
Fuck them all - the words mean nothing
In this world of empty hearts
Greed and senseless hate
Fill your lonely days
When each of those hypocrites and fools
Just to be on top will spit at each others face


Recall the memories
Of days in distant past
When stars were brighter and seemed closer
Before your hopes have turned to dust
Profound tranquillity
Will fill you once again
Forget the pain of tears once shed
Don’t wait for god, remember - you control your fate
Track Name: Black Messiah
Heed the call of dark dimensions
Hail the one
The prophet of doom
Forgotten soul - the black messiah
From silent void
Rebellion of hell

You destroy light with darkness
You destroy scream with silence
You destroy life to be
Master of hell

In silence
You whisper
The unholy name
In darkness
You see him
You feel his
Cold arms round your neck...

Sworn to hell, slave of death
Born to bring hell down on earth
Filled with hope of eternal life
Born to slay breed of mankind

Open your mind, let them see
What they're trying to reveal
What you hide, deep inside
What you've buried in your soul

Glance in the darkness, thunder in silence
Tearing asunder thy hearts
Fading resistance, the power abandons
Those who are trying to fight
Hell's dominating, the devil is laughing
And raises the sword to thy lord
Heavens are falling, the angels defeated
The Reaper assembles his flock

Rise from ashes and shine in the night
Carry the burden of might
Heart of a snake, temper of ice
Soul of a phoenix revived
Visions of future, pictures so real
But all you see is a dream
Crawling to heavens, close to your goal -
But so hard is the fall

Your madness
Grows stronger
Illusions remain
The eyes of
The Reaper
You see them
They bring back the pain…

Cut off wings, you will fall
You will crawl...
Die to be reborn
You wake up
All alone
No more dreams
Left to destroy

Forbidden desire, the dream comes true
The black messiah is coming for you...